It can be tricky getting into the Christmas mood here in Florida. Maybe if our homes looked like this we might just feel a bit more holiday spirit!

Instead we’re living it a bit more like Olaf here, wishing for the opposite of what we have all year round!

In an effort to compensate for Florida’s tropical tendencies, we’ve come up with a few “sense-ible” suggestions for making your living room merry and bright, your bathroom cozy and light, and your bedroom warm and inviting!

Don’t forget to take advantage of those five senses: use taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound to really boost the holiday cheer!

Taste: Do some baking! There’s nothing quite like the smell of Christmas cookies just out of the oven!!

Touch: Get into the holiday festivities! Decorate your house, drop the thermostat down a few degrees if you’re able, and cozy up in a warm blanket with a hot cocoa in hand!

Sight: Turn on a few classic holiday movies to set the mood, put up a Christmas tree, or take a drive around town to view the neighborhoods that boast of beautiful holiday decorations!

Sound: Give in to the holiday spirit and turn on some Christmas music! Whether you love the classics or the newer tunes, everybody has a holiday favorite! Well… almost everybody!

Smell: It’s a fact, certain smells can trigger memories for us, and oftentimes there are lots of memories associated with Christmas smells! Fresh gingerbread cookies, peppermint candy canes, a fresh-cut Christmas tree, your favorite holiday candles, the best Christmas blends in the essential oil diffuser… who doesn’t feel happy and Christmasy with all those fantastic scents around! And who doesn’t love getting a Christmas candle as a gift!?!

To Be Honest…

Plumbing really doesn’t match with this post, and quite frankly any of the senses associated with plumbing aren’t something to feel holiday cheer about usually, so instead let’s stick with the merry and brightness of it all!

If, however, you have any plumbing concerns or emergencies over the holidays, don’t hesitate to give us a call or text at 941-504-3578! We’ll be happy to come help you out!

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