It’s National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

(Nat’l Ice Cream Sandwich Day)

Are you a fan of ice cream sandwiches? Or just ice cream in general? If you are, then today is a great day to celebrate! ESPECIALLY if you would choose an ice cream sandwich at an ice cream truck!

I have a hard time turning down ice cream in any form… ice cream sandwich? Ice cream cake? Soft serve ice cream? Just ask anyone who knows me… An alien has probably taken over my body if I turn down ice cream.

Since it’s summer, and frozen treats are even more enjoyable after being out in the sun, we wanted to share with you some easy, and delicious summer treats for you to try making yourself! These DIY’s will be sure to put smiles on every face, and maybe it will become a summer tradition in the years to come!

If you’re not a fan of ice cream or ice cream sandwiches (I can’t  imagine who isn’t but to each their own) then don’t worry! You can still get something out of reading this blog! There are plenty of other days to celebrate, and you’re sure to find one you can be all in for soon enough! You can keep an eye out for more fun and unique days to celebrate by following along on our blog here, or by keeping track yourself using the National Day Calendar

Check out these fun Pinterest recipes for Delicious DIY Ice Cream Sandwiches!

“Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches”

“Skinny Ice Cream Sandwiches”

“Homemade Samoas Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies”

“The Trick To Quick & Easy Ice Cream Sandwiches”

“37 Marvelous Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes”

A Final Salute To Ice Cream Sandwiches Everywhere- We Love You! If you want to check out more recipes we’ve pinned- just scan this Pinterest code and look through our Next Level Pinterest board “From the Blog to You”

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Hope you enjoy!

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