Repel The Smell!

Did your house have a nasty stoppage that your plumber just cleared for you?
Or is there another reason that your house has an unpleasant smell you can’t quite get rid of?

Here are 5 great ways to repel the smell and ensure your house is fresh and free from bad odors!

    Diffuse Essential Oils!

    You might know all about essential oils by now, or perhaps it’s still unfamiliar territory to you, but essential oils are good for the body, mind, soul, and home! If you’re new to the game, go ahead and invest in one or two good essential oil diffusers as well as some cleansing scented oils such as Lemon, Mint, Rosemary, Tea Tree, or a “Cleansing Blend.” There are many different types of essential oil brands out there. Some are very low quality and therefore less effective and good for you and your family. By choosing higher-quality oils from brands like “Young Living” and “Piping Rock” you’re taking the safe and healthy route! To help your house smell fresh diffuse these oils in whichever location you want! I usually diffuse one in the living room or kitchen and the other in the main bedroom!

    Invest In a Good Air Purifier!

    A good air purifier is a HUGE help when maintaining a healthy, happy household. Air purifiers are meant to clear the allergens from the air as well as whatever pollutants might be floating around in your home. They work quietly and efficiently and usually need to have their filters replaced every month or so. Are kids sick? House feels dirty? The bad odor you can’t get rid of somewhere in the house? Using an air purifier will help! Make sure to do your research and get one that is good so it doesn’t break or fail you when you need it most!

    Make a Stove Simmer!

    Not familiar with this? Basically what you’re making here is like a diffuser, but potpourri style on the stove! By putting various ingredients into a pot of water and letting it simmer on the stove, it will spread a nice, natural aroma throughout the house! My personal favorite recipe for this is a simple one! Just use pinecones, apples, and cinnamon!

    Clean Out Your Garbage Disposal!

    This is a pretty common-sense suggestion. If your kitchen is starting to smell a bit off, checking your garbage disposal and cleaning it is always a good idea! If you don’t have a garbage disposal then making sure your fridge doesn’t have anything going bad in it, taking out the trash, and doing the dishes all are good ways to make sure there isn’t a bad smell coming from them! Still, smelling off? Try some of the other suggestions listed here to help eliminate the odor!

    Place Candles Throughout the House!

    Putting candles throughout the house not only helps everything smell better but also boosts the ambiance of the room too! Not a fan of strong smells or using candles? Put live plants around the house can help keep the air cleaner and create a fresher living space as well! Some great house plants you can incorporate throughout your home are peace lily, aloe vera, bamboo palms, spider plants, and cacti!

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Hope you enjoy it!

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