Dad Got Me A New Toy!

A BayMaxx POV


This is, in fact, a post about the new plumbing camera & equipment that Next Level Plumbing recently invested in! However, the following story will provide you, the reader, with a unique perspective & valuable information on the new camera & drain line equipment now being used at NLP! Enjoy!

Today Byron came home with a present for me! I was so excited! He brought the box inside and he took a picture of me and the box-present. I loved how big the brown box was and the smell was so interesting! Byron seemed excited too. He opened the box for me and pulled out a special thing. It must have been special since he seemed so excited. He said it was a drain camera. It looked fancy, but I wanted the real present he had brought me… the box. I kept looking at the box while Byron was playing with his new toy. He had the camera on and was watching what the camera showed on his iPad. Then he was watching it on his phone. He even turned the camera to look at me and showed me his phone! But I do not care for all of that. I care about the box!

Byron was really happy to be able to see what the camera showed on any device. I just wanted the box.. and I was waiting most patiently for it!

My favorite plumber told me that he run the camera down a drain pipe to inspect the inside of the pipe while his customers watch what he is seeing on their phone. He seemed to think it is pretty cool to be able to watch what is going on from your couch while he is running the camera outside. I wondered if I could watch it from inside my box…

I had waited a very long time and I really, REALLY wanted the box, but my silly plumber dad was too interested in testing the smaller camera that can go in small piping. He wanted to see how it worked. So I sat like the good boy I am and only whined at him a few times. He seemed pleased with how it worked, and said that now he will be able to easily check the condition of drain pipes when people have a problem, or when they are going to buy a new home to make sure they are in good condition. I tried to tell him though that I really do not care. I will watch the box until I can sit in it and it will be my box!

Byron finally put the camera aside after making sure that he could record the video and send it to his customers. Then… he grabbed… THE BOX! I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. Ok, I lied a bit, I couldn’t contain myself.

But that doesn’t matter anymore, because I now have my very own box to jump into!


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