Current Trends We See at Next Level Plumbing… “Over the Phone Price Pushers”

Our opinion on it and the policy we follow!
Blog by NLP Owner & Master Plumber:
Byron Thomson

“Can you give me a price over the phone?”

We often get asked this question when customers call us. This is something that we have decided not to do, and here are a few reasons for that decision.
As a plumbing professional I know exactly what to look for when I’m looking at a job to determine how much it will cost. Sometimes things are pretty straightforward, but many times there are hidden things that can increase or decrease the time and parts involved in the specific job.

Because the average homeowner is not trained to look for these things they don’t always communicate the proper picture of the job for me. This means that if I price based on what they tell me and I find out that they missed something I would have to tell them the job will cost more than I had originally quoted them. This creates mistrust from the start and I don’t like that as a business owner and salesman in this industry.

Many companies will use an initial over the phone price as a tool to get in the door, but will then hit you with all sorts of upgrades, like a $99 stoppage, but that doesn’t include using a ladder, or taking a drain trap apart, or using a bigger machine, etc.
This seems like shady business practice to me and so I have chosen to simply go out and see the job myself. Then, when I quote the job, I know my price is right and you have the peace of mind of knowing that the quote you have is accurate.
Plus, you also get to meet the technician who will be working in your house.

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