Have you ever noticed?
There’s so much to be thankful for!

This Thanksgiving blog is devoted to all of the blessings in our lives, and the many reasons we have to be thankful!

To start things off, we had a celebration in the midst of another celebration!!! Byron’s birthday was this week; we were able to spend time with friends and family, watch a movie we’ve been super excited to see, and also get some things checked off the old to-do list! A busy but wonderful week of transitions from birthdays into holidays! What a blessing!
Do you have any traditions for Thanksgiving? Our families always get together for a huge Thanksgiving meal, the boys often play football afterward, and it’s just the most wholesome, enjoyable time! I have a personal tradition of watching the seasonal Charlie Brown shows, so “The Great Pumpkin” was for Halloween, the Thanksgiving episode will be played this week, and soon “It’s Christmas, Charlie Brown!” will be playing! I love the classic feel that those shows add to the holidays!

We’ve taken the time this week to reflect on what is important in our lives. Family, the business (Next Level Plumbing), BayMaxx, good weather, great customers, the adventures we get to go on, and our health are just a few priceless pieces to the puzzle of our life! If I were to try to sit down and write out each blessing I was thankful for, I could be here all day! So instead I’ll post some pictures, a little photo album of blessings we are thankful for here at Next Level Plumbing!

Whether you’re celebrating the season or doing something different, it never hurts to slow down and count your blessings. Finding things to be thankful for, even when times seem tough, can be a great perspective changer! Give it a try today and see what blessings surprise you!

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