I’ve visited thousands of homes during my 15+ years as a plumbing technician and have met many thousands of people in the process. As time goes on it blends together a bit in my memory. But there are a few that will always stand out to me because they made the everyday work experience special to me.

Here are a few examples of amazing customers and what they did to make an ordinary day into a memorable one for me!

Commence Reflection/Story time with Byron…

One day I was called out to check on some toilets that were not flushing properly. I find they are just really cheap toilets that were designed to be cheap, not to work well. Long story short, and it is a rather tale, we installed new ones in a rather complicated process and finally got the toilets installed. 

After this I went back to the customers house for another job and amazed to find that the lady had handmade a chocolate box (literally the whole thing was beautifully designed and entirely edible!) with specialty chocolate inside of it. She had gone above and beyond, there were even chocolate plumbing tools decorating the top of the box. I was blown away. Turns out that she used to be a chocolatier that made completely edible chocolate sculptures. That was definitely the most amazing, and delicious, gift I have received from a customer!

Another time a customer called me out and I found that one of their toilets was installed in a way that made it work inefficiently. Fixing it required jackhammering through the tile floor and redoing the drain under the floor. I was able to do it all and only lose one piece of tile, and then put it all back together for them. This ended up taking all day.

As the evening went on it came time for dinner and they set a place for me at the table and we all sat down and ate dinner together. Years after that we always remembered it and would still talk about that time.

In the past, I had a customer who really loved me when I was working for another company. She specifically asked for only me any time she called the business with a plumbing problem. When I started out on my own I did not contact anyone from my previous company because that would be like stealing customers from my old boss, and I wasn’t going to do that. So I left without a word to good customers I had had for years, as it seemed to be the best, fair option to me.

A few months into running my own business I got a call from that same lady. She had called my previous employer to have me come out and take care a plumbing issue, and was told I no longer worked there. Once she learned this, she searched till she found me, and has continued using NLP since. She is one of the nicest people you would ever meet, I always love going to her house because she is so genuinely kind and thoughtful. 

I’m thankful for all the customers Next Level Plumbing has, and that they continue to use and recommend us to others! We love reflecting on all the wonderful experiences we have in meeting and talking with everyone and are grateful for all the continuous support and appreciation we receive! Coming into this new year we hope to continue to grow the business and expand and build on the relationships we have made with our fantastic customers!

That’s all for today! Thanks for reflecting with me!

Your Fix-It-Felix of Sarasota’s Next Level Plumbing,

Byron Thomson

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