Need some Next Level Plumbing tips from the best plumber in town? Perfect! We’ve got you covered! Next Level Plumbing’s owner and master plumber, Byron Thomson, has some tips for you on how to you can keep an eye on your water bill and prevent leaks and expensive charges!

Watch Your Water Bill!

If your water bill is creeping up month over month and you are not changing your habits, you may have a leak you don’t realize you have. You can keep track by watching your monthly water bill, or if you are into tech, or want to keep closer tabs on your water usage you can install a smart meter in your water supply.

A smart meter is something that is installed in your water supply system at the source and constantly measures the water being used. It then analyzes the water usage and learns your patterns. After a while, it will be able to tell what your water-related habits are, and notify you when water usage occurs outside of your normal patterns.

You can also connect this to your phone so you see the data on how much water you use for what fixtures, at what time of the day. You can also get alerts if anything is not right, and even turn it off from your phone and call the plumber if there is a problem.

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