Here to share some of her favorite holiday essential oil blends with you is the amazing artist, blogger, teacher, equestrian, and mother- Debbie Herbert!

My mom is incredible at so many things, and she offered to be NLP’s guest blogger for today! Please enjoy as she takes over today and shares her favorite holiday diffuser blends!

There is nothing that says “it’s the holidays!” more than stepping into a home filled with the sweet smells of Christmas baking!

Or for that matter…who doesn’t love the smell of a fresh cut fir tree and apple cider filling the air? Either your olfactory glands are completely out of order or your personality may resemble that fabled green guy who eventually wondered, “can there really be more to Christmas than presents?” After all your hard work baking, shopping and decorating, there’s really a very simple way to make your home perfectly inviting.

The answer? Essential oil diffusing! So easy and with the added benefit of avoiding commercial noxious chemicals found in cheap candles and sprays.

Let’s talk about some fun E.O. holiday ideas. If you don’t have a serious essential oil collection like some of us do (my daughter tells her friends I’m the E.O.”queen”), you can easily start with something you may already have in your pantry!

1. Stove top holiday potpourri.

In a saucepan combine an orange or apple thinly sliced with a couple of sticks of cinnamon and a few drops of French vanilla or peppermint extract. Fill with several cups of water and simmer on the stove, adding water as necessary. The best thing next to fresh baked cookies smell!

2. Add a few drops of Holiday Blend from Doterra, or other reputable E.O. company to a portable diffuser like this one.

Battery operated, silent and practical…it emits a lovely holiday scent without overpowering the whole house. This little one was picked up at Whole Foods, but you can find them most anywhere!

3. Plug in a scented wax melt like this nice little one…handy for the guest bathroom!


4. To ensure germs are squashed before they do their nasty work, you can diffuse a blend called Thieves. If you’re a do it yourself type, you can easily create your own Thieves blend from 4 or 5 individual oils. Recipes abound on Pinterest!

5. Finally, for no fuss and a subtle hint of scent in the air, add one drop of either peppermint, orange, lavender or vanilla onto a lightbulb! The warmth will diffuse the oil without overpowering a room. Once you’ve started diffusing a few oils, you may want to start a collection.

Some of my favorite companies are the aforementioned Doterra, Eden’s and Piping

Who know…you may even become the next Essential Oil Royalty!

Merry Christmas!

Don’t hesitate to check out Deb’s awesome blog 50plusequestrian to see her artwork, equestrian adventures, cooking and baking recipes, and hear her fun stories of life out on her mini ranch in Myakka!

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