Black Friday is Coming Soon!

For those of you who love the craziness of the people, the deals, and the sale hours, This year’s classic shopping experience of going out and fighting the crowds to find the deals you want may not be the same…

However, for the introverts, or people who don’t want to wake up super early to go join the hordes of deal driven shoppers, the situation changes very little! The very cozy and convenient option of online shopping is still available- though many more people may be opting for this shopping style, you may have to be more prepared! Having grown in popularity for obvious reasons (see terrifying gif above) cyber shopping has expanded beyond offering savings only on cyber Monday, many deals can be found throughout the week now! Yay!

I’m a BIG fan of good deals and saving money. But since I’m a newer addition to the plumbing business, I started wondering, “Are there plumbing deals out there too? Deals for fixtures or plumbing accessories that you might not find on a regular basis except on Black Friday?” Well I did searched the web, asked around, and…

There’s Not.

Let me clarify, the hardware stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. have plenty of sales going on this year. But if your aiming to find plumbing fixtures that are built to last and are plumber approved, you’ll want to skip over those hardware store sales!

From what I’ve learned, plumbing supply stores like our local store- Gorman Gallery -provide what looks to be the same type of fixtures that Home Depot sells, but they can be at a more expensive price!

Why? Here’s a Pro Tip!!

Because many popular brands like Moen and Kohler often create two versions of the same series faucet, however, the parts inside it can vary in quality depending on where you buy this fixture! So the ones you find at your local hardware store are made of parts that are not as high quality and will often fail you sooner rather than later.

Byron rarely recommends buying fixtures this way, and often will recommend buying them at a supply house like Gorman Gallery or through him (though the source is the same!)

Just like choosing good, high quality foods to sustain your body, or maybe buying the more expensive shoes because you know they were made well and will last longer; choosing to invest in the high quality fixtures instead of the lower priced, basic version will get you the best bang for your buck! In other words, what you put into it ($ vs. $$) directly influences what you get out of it! (A fixture failing faster vs. Better usage for a longer time)

While you prepare for you Black Friday shopping deals, consider the quality you want and if it matches the cost you invest in it! This goes for fixtures and so much more! Plumbing service included!

Hope your shopping & saving is successful this holiday!

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