Hello friends!

BayMaxx here again to tell you many good things I have learned from my favorite plumber-father Byron! This time I will tell you some handy tricks for conserving water. When it gets very hot outside all I want is to play in the cool water all day long, but that does not help save water! Saving water is important to me because I am a dog. I am a dog that loves to drink water, splash water all over my favorite humans, swim and play in water, and most of all- eat icecubes! They are my favorite treat of all time- except for chicken…

I am sorry, it is hard to focus when I am so happy about life!

Did you know that the average American human family uses 400 gallons of water a day!?

That is so much! Let me tell you the things I have learned from my favorite plumber so that we can save water together!

1. This is an easy, important way to conserve water- Fix Your Leaks! If there is a dripping noise, or you know a faucet leaks in your house, make sure to fix it yourself or call a plumber to help you! No leaks means less water wasted!

2. Choose efficient fixtures! Although the price may look good on a certain fixture, make sure it is also an efficient, quality item. There are many choices that do not cost too much and also conserve water!

3. Do not run your dishwasher or washing machine until they are full! This cuts down on water usage!

4. Make sure to keep an eye on your water bill- this is the best way to spot leaks! If your water bill increases dramatically, you may need to call a plumber (like my favorite plumber- Byron) out to find your leak and help you save your water!

5. Did you know that I love playing in the water, but I hate taking baths?!? There is a solution to this! Take 5 minute showers instead of baths! This conserves water much better than taking a bath- a full tub can use up to 70 gallons of water!!!

6. Look for “WaterSense” labeled toilets, shower heads, sinks, and other fixtures! These ensure that you are doing a good job saving water! Plus, they are generally inexpensive and easy to install, they also save up to 750 gallons of water a month! Wow!

7. You can help the nature around you by using a rain barrel to catch any water coming from your roof and then share it with the trees and plants! They will surely appreciate an extra drink in this hot weather!

8. Use a water conserving ice maker! This is an excellent idea that I like very, very much. I love icecubes and I love water and I looovveeee saving water! This. Is. Perfect!

Finally, you can check with your favorite plumber about how you can improve your water conserving green goals! They have lots of ways of helping you save water, money, and ice cubes! Maybe it will even make you as happy as my friends when they go to the beach! Can you guess which one I look the most like???

So long for now!! *bounds off into the water*

*Splish Splash PLOP!*

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