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Do I Have A Slab Leak?

Slab leaks can cause a lot of trouble for your home! Not only can they be very costly, but they seem to show up out of nowhere and go from being a small puddle problem to a big puddle problem!
A slab leak can cause serious water damage, make your water bill skyrocket, and create a sudden and unwanted pool to unexpectedly appear in your home that could be very costly! Not to mention if the moisture seeps into the concrete and sits too long it can lead to mold growing! That means health issues for you and your family are also a concern now!

Slab Leaks are no fun for anyone, so here are some FAQs answered by our Next Level Plumbing Master Plumber Byron, to help you out!

1. Do You Fix Slab Leaks?

Next Level Plumbing does not locate slab leaks, but we do repair them!

2. How Do Slab Leaks Happen?

Slab leaks usually occur in older homes with copper pipes. Those pipes age and can become corroded as the foundation of the house settles. This can lead to pinhole leaks or bursts in the piping (these are the two most common scenarios). The older the home, the more the foundation has settled which means those pipes are more likely to burst or cause issues than a newer home. If you have an older home, make sure you know the signs to look for in case of a slab leak!

3. What Are The Signs Of A Slab Leak?

There are a number of signs that you should look for in regards to a slab leak: water pooling on the floor close to where the plumbing is located; the floor feels hot (or warmer than usual) or the floor feels hot or cold in different areas; your water pressure is low; high water bills; odd sounds coming from the floor or plumbing; and the most severe sign- the floors are cracking. If you notice any of these indications of a slab leak, get a pro out to help you resolve the problem before it becomes even worse!

4. Is It Expensive To Fix?

Honestly, yes. A slab leak can be costly, so the sooner you notice signs of a problem, the better. If it IS a slab leak, and you’ve had recurring issues with your plumbing, then it is also a good time to consider a repipe! Solving the whole issue in one go rather than endlessly trying to repair it over time can save you money and a whole lot of hassle in the end.

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