Ask Your Plumber: Round 2!

“Organize Under Your Sink!”

Some people are perfectionists in every area of their lives, and a lot of us aren’t. So that means there are places in our homes that we don’t want guests to see, like under the kitchen or bathroom sink, the laundry room, a closet or workout room. Places where it’s not presentable in our opinion, so we close it off promising ourselves to clean it later to avoid this happening again. At least… this is what I’ve done plenty of times.

One area that we often forget to clean until the last minute is under the kitchen or bathroom sinks. Many of us toss whatever cleaning supplies we’ve bought under there, and satisfy ourselves knowing that as long as the cabinet doors close under the sink, we don’t have to worry about anyone seeing what’s under there… until the plumber has to come fix a leak or replace something.

So for the procrastinator, the slightly messy person, or just the “I’m too busy to deal with it now” person out there. We have a few easy suggestions to fix up and organize under the sink that you might want to check out!

1. Start with a thorough cleanse!

Many times we stuff unneeded items under the sink thinking we’ll use it later or just store it there for the time being. By going through and deciding what needs to be under the sink, you’re making space and decluttering a part of your home at the same time!

2. Organize, Sort, & Setup!

Once you’ve organized and decluttered everything under your sink, take a moment to sort it all out, use some cheap containers from the store to put items in groups and make sure it all fits comfortably in the space available under your sink. Having everything sorted in a way that you can easily take out and use is the best! Those containers also will serve another purpose- they can catch any leaks that might happen under your sink if placed in the right spots!

3. Go the Extra Mile!

If you don’t feel happy enough with having sorted everything under your sink, you can check out amazon or Pinterest for more options on how to convert the space under your sink into a useful, well organized spot. Add some labels to the containers, or put a little light in the back of the space so when you go searching for something you are blindly rummaging! A little light that you can tap on and off that can attach to the side of the cabinet is perfect! Check out this link for more ideas! (Amazon Organizer Ideas)

These are just 3 easy simple suggestions for you that will help you feel more organized, and will make your plumber happy when he comes to make repairs as well! It gets a bit stressful to have to pull everything out from under a sink and then work around it… just ask Byron, he has plenty of experience with that!

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Hope you enjoy!

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