Are you wanting to do a bathroom upgrade?

Do you have questions about upgrading?
if you are planning on moving the fixtures (sinks, toilet, shower) by any significant amount, it will require a GC (general contractor).

  • If you are really changing up your bathroom, plan on getting a GC involved, or choose to do the work of the GC and pull your own permits.
  • If you only move the shower around or change a tub to a shower you don’t need a GC. (Certain exceptions may apply).
  • If you plan to remodel the kitchen with all new cabinets, this does not require a GC or even permits (in most cases).
  • If your remodel is relatively basic and involves just installing new fixtures, faucets, and/or painting, that is the simplest and usually cheapest way to update your bathroom without getting too involved.

Along with all the above advice, we want to remind you that each local jurisdiction makes its own rules and not everything said above applies in the same way to all jurisdictions. As always, this is general advice, and we recommend having us come out and give you a free quote and consultation on the best course of action for your particular upgrade or remodel.

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