Do You Call the Plumber or an Appliance Technician?

When something goes wrong with the dishwasher or the ice maker or the disposal, who do you call? Is it an appliance technician? Is it a plumber?

We run into this question fairly often. Nobody wants to waste time calling out the wrong company first!
So how do we handle it? What ways can we share to help you figure it out?

At Next Level Plumbing we want to do our best to explain clearly before booking the call to save everyone’s time.
For instance, we usually are the correct ones to call about disposal. While sometimes an appliance technician is a proper response, the overwhelming majority of the time it will be the right decision to call out the plumber first.

Usually, with the washing machine problems, it will be with the appliance itself and not the plumbing unless it is overflowing the drain in the wall. With ice makers in the fridge, it is often the appliance as well, as long as there is water going to the unit itself.

But with Appliances, it is Not Always That Clear.

For example, if the dishwasher is not draining it is sometimes the drains fault, and sometimes the dishwasher fault. The dishwasher is the most difficult to know for sure until we see it. We can try to guess over the phone, but this one can really be 50/50 on which one to chose.
So what is the best advice for dishwashers? If it isn’t progressing through its cycle properly, call an appliance technician. If it doesn’t have water, it is more likely to be an appliance issue. If it is a drain issue, unfortunately, we don’t have the best advice other than that we are happy to come out and assess if it is plumbing or the appliance that is causing the problem.

Hopefully, this advice helps point you in the right direction. While your unique situation might differ from the norm, this will hopefully lead the majority of people to the most efficient path of fixing the issue at hand.

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