Some people get their spouse or significant other a bouquet of flowers, jewelry, or take them out to a nice dinner for their anniversary… Byron and I? We go on a cruise.

More specifically, our gift to each other for Christmas and our anniversary is going on an annual cruise! And we love the tradition we’ve started!

You might be wondering, why cruise?? Isn’t that expensive???

Actually, we’ve done the research, and for us, a seven-day cruise is WAAAY more affordable that most other adventures we’ve dreamed up! A few days in Ireland or a road trip to somewhere awesome in the US??? Definitely going to cost us more in the end! So that’s why we choose to cruise! We get all the delicious food we can eat, get to visit 4 different locations and 3 amazing countries in the Caribbean, and a beautiful balcony room on a huge, (and endlessly awesome) ship! We can’t think of a better way to spend our anniversary!

(Here’s a sneak peek of our favorite cruise ship class to sail on, the Oasis Class ships are simply the best!)

This will be Byron & I’s third cruise together in what we hope will be a long and glorious tradition of cruising adventures! We’ve learned through past experiences to not get too excited right after we book the cruise though, we wait to really get hyped up until the week before we go! And boy do we get excited!

Those minions?? We’re going look just like them as we’re driving to the port of Miami this weekend! Curious where we’ll be going in the Caribbean this year? Here’s the rundown! Miami, FL > Nassau, Bahamas > Cozumel, Mexico > Roatan, Honduras > Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico > Miami, FL. We’re especially excited to visit 3 brand new places, make more tropical memories, and take loads of pictures!

Plumbing Emergency but your favorite plumber is out of town??? No worries!!!

Though we will be gone for a week, the business will still be running! We are lucky to have good, reliable plumbers as friends and family who are willing to take over and handle the calls until we come back! So as always, don’t hesitate to call or text with any plumbing problems you’re experiencing! Just reach out, through text or phone call to 941-504-3578.

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