Advantages of Protecting Your Roof Vents

Author: Byron Thomson
Here’s the perfect opportunity to learn a bit of valuable information from a master plumber! Don’t be shy, grab your notepad & let’s get started!

Did You Know?

Every plumbing drain system requires at least one vent through the roof. This allows the plumbing system to breathe. When water goes into the drain and passes through it, this displaces air. If the displaced air has nowhere to go, this can cause slow drains.

Let’s Talk About Open Vents…

When vents are installed through the roof, they usually are left open to the elements. This means that basically there are open pipes sticking out of the roof. This can cause some problems. As open pipes invite frogs, rats, leaves, and other small critters and debris that may fall into the open pipe. When this happens, the obstruction can go further down the pipe and cause a stoppage.

The Best Fix?

The best way to get around this is to install a removable wire mesh over the vent. This gives a cover to keep most foreign objects out of the plumbing vent while still allowing the system to breathe. It needs to be able to be removed so that the plumber can run a snake down that vent if he ever has to.

But How?

Installing wire mesh over the vents is not a hard task if you are comfortable climbing around on your roof. If you would rather not, it is something the plumber can easily take care of for you.

Important Note!

This small thing can help you avoid stoppages in the future, and is EXTRA important when a tree overhangs your roof. It is often through the trees that the critters get to the roof, and the leaves can also cause problems.

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