This new blog series came into existence when I began to realize that the trends I see in plumbing customers as well as the industry itself are either in need of change, or changing rapidly with the times.

I found that I needed an outlet to explain the behind the scenes of a plumbing business to customers and readers who might not be seeing the full picture.

I will be endeavoring to cover a number of topics within this series, and aim to spread them out over the course of the year as these trends change and become more or less relevant.

The beginning topic of this p.o.v. series is the “need it now” customer.

The Trend Today…

Trends change constantly due to the social, and moral balances of life. This particular trend can vary depending on the customer we are working with, and the situation they’ve brought to us, however in the broad spectrum of things, we’ve seen this happen enough that we consider it a trend to be addressed.

The “need it now” customer can come to us from a variety of standpoints, either they are extremely stressed and at their wits end, or they’ve had nothing but bad experiences with plumbing service in the past, or they’re simply having a bad day… the result is the same. They call with a problem, and they need it fixed NOW. What makes these customers tricky to handle is that, unlike other customers who might call knowing they will need to work with the plumber to fix the problem, the “need it now” customer has often limited their perspective to very specific details. They need this done, in this timeframe, and if we can’t meet their needs, we get tossed aside rather quickly.

The Challenge…

The challenge with the “need it now” customer is that they often come to us with expectations and are not taking our process and schedule into consideration. W might be able to get a plumber out to them sooner than they’d expect, but if we can’t immediately promise them a plumber heading straight to them right then, they hang up and call someone else. Our challenge is to work with them to see past the stress of their problem and allow us to help as best we can.

The Reality…

Unfortunately we can’t meet everyone’s needs all the time, sometimes we are booked full and an emergency call comes in that we simply can’t take. We do our best to though! Often times we are able to adjust the schedule a little bit and give the emergency call a chance to at least be looked at, though the plumber may have to come back after the rest of his scheduled calls to finish the job.

Our Promise…

Our promise is to always try our best to meet everybodies needs and make each customer we work for happy with our service!

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