How often do you look at a part of your house and think it could use a bit of improvement? Or be scrolling through Pinterest and end up creating a whole board devoted to home improvement ideas you love? I personally am guilty of both. No shame! I have Pinterest boards for side yard improvements, bathroom renovation ideas, ways to make the main bedroom look cozy enough that I’d probably never leave… you might say I have an addiction… but I can’t be alone in this Pinterest-loving world can I??

There are so many ways to make home improvements! My favorite kinds are the do-it-yourself, inexpensive, and easy ones. I’m always concerned about the improvements not looking professional or classy enough for the house—this isn’t a college dorm—I want it to look adult! And nothing says mature and collected like a spa style bathroom. So I looked through my boards and simplified these DIY options for you today. I’ll make sure to include some “Pin Tips” or Pinterest Tips I’ve discovered and tried- give them a test yourselves to see if they’re a good addition to your bathroom upgrade!

8 Easy DIY Spa Upgrades for Your Bathroom

1. Add Candles or an Oil Diffuser– just adding a small set of candles or an oil diffuser to your bathroom can make a world of difference! Candles are great as they add a warmth and great scent to the bathroom, but if your cautious about using candles, an oil diffuser is an excellent choice! Grab some of your favorite essential oils, like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, or lemon and add a few drops in your diffuser! The oils have a fantastic way of bringing a soothing atmosphere to your spa-like bathroom experience! (PinTip: Pinterest some different essential oil blends to create different atmospheres and moods- for example, combine eucalyptus and lavender for a spa-like scent or try lemon and cypress for a more earthy-fresh, woodsy scent!)

2. Install a Massage Shower head- switching an old fixture for a new one can make you appreciate your bathroom in ways you may not have before! Installing a massage shower head can be a great spa upgrade for your bathroom, and though the fixtures can range from $-$$$, you can still find a great one that won’t be difficult to install or break the bank. Do some research and look at the different types to see what would match the spa theme you are aiming to achieve in your bathroom upgrade! Do you want the type of shower head with lots of adjustments on it? One that has a wide head and makes you feel like you’re standing under a rain cloud? And if you find one you really, really love but don’t feel up to installing, give Next Level Plumbing a call or text! We’ll be happy to come out and install it for you quickly and efficiently so you can get back to enjoying your zen and spa-like bathroom upgrades!

3. Turn up your Water Heater- turning up your water heater can be surprisingly easy and highly beneficial to your bathroom upgrade. If you’re not sure how to do it yourself, or don’t want to risk anything going wrong, you can give us a call here at Next Level Plumbing, we can come out and adjust your water heater in no time! If you want to watch so you can do it yourself in the future we can absolutely explain as we work as well. Changing your water temperature from warm to steamy hot brings the spa experience up a level, nothing is better for the body, mind, and soul than soaking in a hot bath or relaxing in a steamy shower. (PinTip: adding Epsom salts or a bath bomb to your tub adds fun and individuality to the spa experience! If you have a shower and want to try something like this- visit the ol’ Pinterest app for some DIY shower bombs or melts using essential oils, Epsom salts, and citric acid!) Speaking of…..

4. Have a Bubble Bath Handy- after a long, stressful day imagine how nice it would be to come home to the choice of a bubble bath, bath salts, a bath bomb, a variety of sponges, etc. Putting an assortment of bath accessories in a cute basket or large bowl near your bath or shower can make the spa-like experience extra special! Not to mention, if it’s the guest bathroom your guests will be amazed! A 5-star hotel style bathroom? Well maybe you just like bubble baths! Who can blame you!?

5. Declutter!- this is an important one people- decluttering is a for sure way to make your bathroom more prepared for its upcoming spa treatment. Moving all the little bits and pieces of random items sitting on the counters out of the way and into cabinets allows for a more simplistic feel. If you don’t have a lot of storage space try incorporating  a few clear jars artfully placed on the counter or shelving that matches the theme of your bathroom!

6. Green up the Space- it’s hard to picture a spa without at least a few plants or greenery placed throughout the space. Adding a few potted or wall hanging plants or herbs to your bathroom spa will help to simplify and unify the look of the room. Greening up the space will help give it an immediately relaxing vibe. If you don’t want live plants in your bathroom, try some artificial ones! Spa’s and nature go hand in hand so try it out!

7. Add Soothing Sounds to your Spa- the peaceful sounds of waves on the beach, or rain falling steadily, a stream flowing from a waterfall, p maybe soft piano music, or birds singing… including some peaceful music is an easy spa upgrade for your bathroom. All it requires is a Bluetooth speaker that can connect to your phone! There are many options to choose from and they range in price as well as style! A waterproof speaker is an especially valuable addition since we’re discussing bathroom upgrades. Something I’ve enjoyed immensely is discovering new music to listen to on Spotify, or using the Calm app I’ve seen advertised so often. You can find the right music to add to the ambiance in so many ways whether it’s Apple iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, or an app- add this to your list of must-have upgrades and thank me later!

8. Add Comfort to the Theme- adding some comfort to your spa themed bathroom upgrade is as easy as investing in some new bath mats and towels! If you color coordinate, you should be able to create a flowing style to the room; an atmosphere that is incorporated to provide you the ultimate relaxing getaway, or at least, the best that a low budget, easy, DIY bathroom upgrade can offer!

If if you’re in need of extra inspiration try Pinteresting like me! Or go the safer route and pull ideas from the things that are most calming and soothing to you. Maybe visit a spa for “research purposes” to test and see exactly what you will want in your own personal spa-like bathroom! Either way, have fun on this upgrading adventure of yours! And good luck! Byron, BayMaxx, & I will be here with Next Level Plumbing if you need us!







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