Happy Almost 4th of July!

Time to Celebrate!

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July which means lots of celebrating America’s independence with cookouts, beach days, weekend filled with family time and firework fun, etc.

Have you considered liberating your home’s old plumbing? It might be time for some upgrades!

Consider these 4 great ways explained by Byron, Next Level’s Master Plumber!

1. Fix Up Those Fixtures!

It’s a great time to clean up the look of your house and install new fixtures. It’s amazing what a new faucet will do for the look if the bathroom or kitchen.

I recently installed 2 new bathroom faucets for a customer and he was thrilled with the look. He told me later that he is always happy when he goes into the bathroom because it looks so much nicer with the newspaper fixtures.

2. Level Up Your Filtration System!

Clean water is one of the most important things we can have in life. It helps us stay healthier and live longer. One simple thing you can do is install a whole house water filtration and conditioning unit on your house.

These systems clean the water for the best quality water to drink, bath in, and wash hands. There a lot of options for water filtration, it is always a good idea to have your local plumber take a look at the options you are considering to make sure they are a good fit for your home.

3. Pump Improvement Please!

If you have ever stood at the faucet running hot water for several minutes waiting for hot water and thought it was a waste of water and time then you’re right.

Thankfully there is a pump that is able to recirculate your hot water so you waste less water and save more time. Best part about them is that they only take about as much power as a lightbulb and can be put on a timer to save electricity.

4. Upgrade Your Water Heater!

Water Heaters last about 10-15 years in most cases. When you replace them is a great time to talk to your plumber about the options you have for a new one.

There are tanks with longer warranties, tankless water heaters that take less space, hybrid water heaters that are way more efficient, and ones you can control with your phone. All you have to decide is the one that fits you the best.

Hope these 4 Fourth of July tips help you out when you’re getting ready to upgrade or improve your plumbing!

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Need help making decisions on what products would be best for you and your home? We can help! Just reach out to us with any questions you have- if you want to talk with a master plumber who can give you all the answers in one go, then let us know and we will schedule a free estimate for you!

You can contact us by calling or texting our office at (941) 504-3578 or by emailing us at nextlevelplumbingllc@gmail.com

And don’t forget to make the most of this Florida summertime! We know we will be! Happy Independence Day!

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